News from the WPPS Fundraising Committee

And that’s a wrap on Term 3 – can you believe it?!

The WPPS Quiz Night “A Night at the Movies” was held early in the term, and what a night it was! Thank you to all who joined us for the Quiz and Auction (or supported from home!).

As usual, everyone outdid themselves in terms of costumes and decorations – we had it all; Ghostbusters, pirates, nuns, BMX Bandits, Tom Hanks x 10, scary clowns and a whole of lot popcorn … plus more! Check out the attached photos. Thank you to all that attended – your energy and enthusiasm is what makes Quiz Night so much fun!

An amazing $11,791 was raised to go towards our School Hall upgrades. What an incredible effort - nights like these do not go ahead without considerable forward planning and support from school families and our community.

Term 4 is shaping up to be an exciting (and busy!) term with regards to fundraising. The kids will be participating in the Colour Run, happening on Friday 3rd November (Week 3). The Colour Run will be all about FUN! It will be an awesome and messy event where students will weave and wind through different obstacles, all while being covered in bright and wonderful colours! We hope to have all students participate and we also hope to have parent spectators to watch all of the fun. Keep an eye out for more information via SZapp about how to fundraise and all the other important details.

The second WPPS Wine Drive will also be taking place in Term 4, with orders opening on Friday 10th November (Week 4) and delivery/collection on Friday 1st December (Week 7) … just in time for the silly season! Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this one, it’s always a great opportunity to get some fabulous wines and gins at great prices.

Finally, we would like to share with you some of the resources that funds have been used for throughout the year. Along with the School Hall upgrades that are in process, funds have also been put towards the following:

  • Numeracy Resources (whiteboards) for all year levels
  • Sports banners for use at internal and external school events
  • Outdoor marquee for use at school events
  • Free play toys for junior primary students
  • Guillotine and laminator
  • Literacy resources

Plus we have received additional requests for future spending that we are hoping to fulfil later this year or early 2024.

As always, thank you for your continued support of WPPS fundraising! Have a wonderful school holidays everyone, we will see you next term!

Dates to Remember

Friday 3rd November – Week 3 – Colour Run

Friday 10th November – Week 4 – Wine Drive orders open

Friday 24th November – Week 6 – Wine Drive orders close

Friday 1st December – Week 7 – Wine Drive collection

Please feel free to contact the WPPS Fundraising Committee at And don’t forget to join the WPPS Community Facebook Group to stay up to date with school events. This page is run by parents, for parents!

Many thanks,

The WPPS Fundraising Committee

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Important Dates

16/10 First day of Term 4

01/11 Half School Assembly LC3, LC4 & J3 presenting (Hall)

03/11 Colour Run

09/11 Remembrance Day Memorial Service (Hall)

10/11 School Closure Day

13/11 Pupil Free Day

15/11 Reception Transition Visit 1

22/11 Half School Assembly M6, M7 & M11 presenting

22/11 Reception Transition Visit 2

30/11 School Concert "All Around the World"

6/12 Whole School Assembly UC3 & UC4 presenting

13/12 Graduation Ceremony

15/12 Last Day 2.10pm finish

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National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

Earlier this term we participated in National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. This year’s theme was ‘growing connections’. This theme supports the idea that having strong connections with others helps to prevent bullying and makes students more likely to seek help if they experience bullying.

Classes discussed the importance of positive connections and the many connections we each have. Students were then given a strip of paper to write or draw on to portray this message. The strips of paper were linked together into a whole school paper chain to represent how we are connected as a school community and show the many connections we have. The whole school paper chain was displayed in yard B during week 8 and it was great to see students having a closer look at the chain and talking with each other about their connections.

Bethany Thompson - Pastoral Care Worker

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Canteen News

Term 3 kicked off with Showdown Cupcakes and once again the winner in the cupcake stakes were the Crows, however the Power did put up a good challenge. 
Thank you to everyone who placed a cupcake order for their child and the amazing Fran for once again making all the cupcakes. 

During Terms 2 and 3 the canteen menu has featured foods suitable for the cooler weather, some of these items may continue on into Term 4, however I am looking forward changing over to our Summer menu. On offer will be a range of new lunchboxes, fresh fruit salad, salad packs, smoothies plus the return of a favourite, loaded beef or vegetarian nachos. 

In Term 4 there will also be an exciting new addition to the canteen perfect for the warmer weather – a slushie machine. I am trialling a machine that uses a 99% fruit juice base (apple, pear and pineapple) and will offer a variety of flavours for $2.00 per cup.

Our school canteen is still searching for a Canteen Assistant, someone with a friendly can-do attitude and experience in food handling. If you are interested in finding out more, please refer to the ad posted in Schoolzine on 14th September.

Volunteers play an important part in the ongoing running of our canteen and I am very thankful to have an amazing group of parents & grandparents who happily give of their time each term. If you meet the school volunteer requirements and can spare half a day, or more, per term I would love to have your company. Please contact the school or email to find out more

Thank you to everyone for your support throughout 2023.

Pam - Canteen Manager
Fresh Bites Café 

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Westbourne Park Community Centre Garden

Next time you pass by the Community Centre, you will notice a positive change to the front following completion of our garden project! Firstly, a big thank you to Brian, the school’s groundsman. Brian spent many hours preparing the garden beds as well as planting, watering and now maintaining the garden.  

A huge shout out to Lisa, the Activities Organiser and Kylie, the garden centre specialist from Bunnings Edwardstown. 

Lisa planned and coordinated the garden project with a brief description of providing a waterwise, low maintenance and sustainable garden. Kylie chose a selection of plants to complement our existing butterfly garden and the surrounding colours of the community centre. Kylie also planned the garden. 

We thank Bunnings Edwardstown for providing loam, bark chips, 40 plants and labour.  

Ann Gunter
Administration and Sports

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The Westbourne Park volleyball team Jump Scare lead the Term 2 results table and continued doing well in Term 3. We entered a second team for Term 3. The WPPS Lions were very competitive for their first term together.

If you did not register to play for Term 4 but would like to join a team please email Volleyball is available to students that are in years 4, 5 or 6.

Games are played on Friday afternoon, either 4pm or 4:30. There are no training commitments.

Ann Gunter
Administration and Sports

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Towards the end of term 1 we were very excited to recommence our weekly playgroup for families with preschool aged children. This has been a great opportunity for families to connect with the school and each other.

Each week we have a range of play based activities as well as a story time and singing. We have also had some special activities throughout the year including a teddy bears’ picnic, disco, book week library visit and bubbles in the nature play area. It has been wonderful seeing the children enjoying the activities and looking forward to coming along each week. It has also been fantastic having some year 5/6 students there each week to help out and interact with the children.

Playgroup is held every Tuesday during term time from 9am - 10:15am in the school hall. If you have a preschool age child, we would love for you to join us.

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Pedal Prix

Last week, Airbourne, part of the Westbourne Park Racing Team, competed in the 24-hour Pedal Prix Race at Murray Bridge, coming 3rd in the primary school category. We rode an amazing 660.06 km in total with an average speed of 27.5 km an hour! All of this wouldn’t had been possible without the help of our wonderful volunteers Fran and Brett, with catering by Pam, and of course all of the amazing supportive parents and sponsors; Exact Contracting, Hanns Green Grocery, Knox Constructions, Winkle Group, The Telford Family & DC Signs. We are all very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this incredible program. It’s a fantastic achievement and memory that will stay with us for our entire lives.

By Jackson and Patrick

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"The Twits"

On Wednesday the 13th of September students from J1 and J3 had an excursion to the Festival Theatre to watch the adaptation performance of Roald Dahls “The Twits”.

Students enjoyed and were amused by the performance. Thankyou to our wonderful volunteer parents Emily Caust and Rachel Hodgson.

Student Feedback

I loved it. I really enjoyed the music the narrators and Mr and Mrs Twit .

I liked the narrators because they were very dramatic and funny.

The music was great because it matched the performance.

I loved the twits the most because they were funny and gross and also very stupid and they wouldn’t stop farting and burping.  Toby (J3)

The Twits is a very funny book and the part where the Twits were standing on their heads was my absolute favourite! When I read the book, my brain fell into a world of revenge. The Mugglewumps, (The Monkeys) were being very smart as they thought about gluing everything in the house onto the ceiling, yet Mr Twit and Mrs Twit were very ingenious because they captured wildlife.   By Aidan (J1)

I think that the Twits was one of the best shows that I will ever watch. I really liked the start with all the great magic tricks. I really want to go back and watch it over and over again.     By Liam (J1)

The show was very entertaining and everyone enjoyed it. Characters were very funny and knew their lines perfectly. I especially loved the Mugglewumps’s escape and plot. I think that the only part they could’ve improved was more imaginative costumes, especially for the monkeys. Other than that it was a perfect play with an awesome story behind it. I loved how the narrators were part of the story with Mr amd Mrs Twit.      By Lyla (J1)

Today I went to see the live performance of the Twits. The performance was AMAZING, I loved it!

The part when the magician lit a sparkler and when it went out everything was dark. That was one of my favourite parts of the show.

Another part that made the whole crowd laugh was when he went into the toilet and smoke came out.

It was really well done by the actors, they did an amazing job, one of the actors even made popcorn appear, the crowd was asking for some. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!   By Naa (J3)

I liked the Twits it was really good I suggest you go and watch because it’s funny and exiting.

I really liked the part when Mr and Mrs Twit were pranking each other I liked it when Mr Twit told Mrs Twit that she had the shrinks and the only cure was to be stretched. Another prank was when she put worms in his spaghetti and said it was organic and gluten-free. Through the whole performance I was smiling and laughing while being disgusted by Mr Twits beard and Mrs Twits hair.  By Emma (J3)

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Table Tennis

On August 11th, 37 WPPS students competed in the Table Tennis SA Primary Schools Team Championships at Woodville. It was an awesome day with tough competition and some close results. The final medal placings for the boys even came down to a countback!

Special congratulations to these teams:


1st Place- Tait, Jonas, Patrick and Charlie

2nd Place- Jackson, Harry, Xavier and Will


1st Place- Olivia, Kezia, Vivian and Emily

3rd Place- Abi, Sophie, Milena, Dejana and Mithra

All players can be proud of their effort, sportsmanship and the way they represented our school. A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers for helping to make the day run smoothly.

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Market Day

This years first ever Market day was a huge success, the kids who came through all found something for themselves to enjoy and in the process didn't have to spend much money at all.

In total we raised $2364.30 which will be given back to the school to improve the space. It wouldn't have been achievable without the support from parents and the weeks of hard research done by the Year six team.

The process to get to market day has been long but definitely worthwhile, we researched about business plans, popular logo designs, what made logos popular and easily remembered, how to handle money and serve customers, what is profit, what makes advert posters successful and much more.

Once all the research was completed we then began drafting our ideas, in our groups we each made logos and discussed in our groups which one would be most successful and put our ideas together until we finally had a completed logo for our business. The same went for the posters except with them we had to go back and forth not only with our group but with the teachers as well, the teachers would tell us what could be changed and what could be added or taken away and by the end of the process we had completed, perfected, posters.

Once all the making of posters and logos and the products themselves had been completed we then started putting Market day into the school, the posters where hung up and when week 8 came we were ready to set up the market. Once it was all ready the classes came through and bought our wide range of products. The most important thing about this market day though, was that we all built strong connections within the school community and the whole school had lots of fun!

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Term 3 - Important Dates

24/7- First day of term

9/8- Half school assembly- M3, M10 & M12 presenting (Hall)

23/8- Casual Day (book week dress up)

28/8- Pupil Free Day

30/8- Half school assembly- M4, M5 and J2 presenting (Hall)

20/9- Whole school assembly- Specialists (Gym)

27/9- Casual Day

28/9- Sports Day

29/9- Last Day- 2.10pm finish

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Enrolment Intentions 2024

We are in the process of identifying our staffing needs for 2024 and need an indication of our enrolment numbers for next year. Everyone who is enrolled and currently attending in R-5 is guaranteed an ongoing position for next year however, we do understand families move schools for various reasons. We will soon be offering enrolment places to those on our expression of interest list and we want to ensure we aren't over allocating year levels or offering a teaching position to potential contract teachers who may not have a class to teach due to unknown departures. We would appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to complete a quick survey on your enrolment intentions.

There is no need to complete this survey for your child if they are currently in year 6 as they will be enrolling at high school. 

If you haven't already please complete the survey as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and support in this.

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Mountain Biking

On Thursday 11th May, year 5 and 6 students competed in the South Australian Primary Schools Association Moutain Bike competition. The gruelling 1.5km course tested riders' endurance and riding skills. Students rode around narrow dirt tracks at speed, over rocks and jumps before ending with a steep uphill climb to the finish line. Congratulations to our Westbourne Park riders who completed many laps during the 2 hour race amongst 500 other students across the state.

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Anzac Day Dawn Service

Thank you must go to the Bosch family in representing Westbourne Park Primary at the Mitcham ANZAC Day Dawn Service.

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WPPS News - Video

Please watch the fantastic video created by Megan and J2 which shows some of the highlights at WPPS in Term 2. 

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And just like that … Term 2 is coming to an end. And what a term it has been!

On the Fundraising front, we have held two very successful events – our first Wine Drive for the year, quickly followed by the “best night ever” WPPS Disco!

The “Wine Down For Winter” Wine Drive broke records with regards to sales and raised over $3,000 for the school. Thank you to all for supporting those who support us – The Lane Vineyard, Mitolo Wines, Ambleside Distillers and Kilikakanoon Wines. We hope you enjoy your wines and gins over the coming wintery weeks!

The WPPS Disco was a huge success last Friday night, with plenty of dancing, disco games and yummy treats. Over 400 students attended the two discos, which is an amazing turn out! Over $3,600 was raised which will go towards upgrading our School Hall – a fantastic result and we are very thankful for all the support.

Thank you again to DJ Steve, who was fabulous as always, our dedicated WPPS Staff who gave up their free time to supervise the event and demonstrate their dance moves, and to all the parents and caregivers that helped with all things disco related. A lot of effort is required to organise events like this and as usual, our school community stepped up!

Term 3 will see the WPPS Quiz Night taking place on Saturday 19th August, so pop it in the calendar and book the babysitter! Our theme this year is “A Night at the Movies” so now is the time to start thinking about those costumes and table decorations.

Tickets are currently available in Qkr! and are sold as a table of 10 for $250. If you need some help to make up a table of 10 people or have any queries about tickets please email the Fundraising

Committee. If you would like to attend but don’t want to organise a table, we are looking for 2-3 volunteers to mark quiz answers on the night – you will be rewarded for your efforts!

We will run an Online Auction in conjunction with the Quiz Night itself again this year, as it gives all of our school community the opportunity to bid on some fantastic auction items. For those attending the Quiz Night, there will be the usual fun games and activities, plus access to some exciting bonus “Quiz Night Only” auction items on the night itself!

We are currently seeking donations of items to be used for our Online Auction that will conclude on the Quiz Night. We have already received some very generous donations and are excited to share a sneak peak of these a bit closer to the event!

POSSIBLE DONATIONS INCLUDE: Vouchers for professional services; bottles of wine; weekend stay at a holiday house; gift vouchers for retail goods; family activities, i.e. bowling, mini golf; gift hampers; sporting equipment; homewares and plants; autographed memorabilia; experiences, i.e. motorsport hot laps; jewellery; gym memberships; etc.

If you can help out in any way, or have any questions, please contact All donated item/s can be dropped off to the Front Office. All donations will be acknowledged in the lead up to the Quiz Night, plus at the event itself.

As always, thank you for your continued support and generosity. We wouldn’t be able to hold the events and activities we do without your help and it really is what makes WPPS such a great school community to be a part of!

Dates to Remember …

Saturday 5th August – Online Auction opens for bidding – website details will be provided

Saturday 19th August – 6:30pm – Quiz Night

Saturday 19th August – 9:00pm – Online Auction closes

Please feel free to contact the WPPS Fundraising Committee at And don’t forget to join the WPPS Community Facebook Group to stay up to date with school events. This page is run by parents, for parents!

Many thanks,

The WPPS Fundraising Committee

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Arbury Park

Arbury Camp J1 and J3

What an amazing camp. You all should be proud of the outstanding behaviour of these students. The Arbury camp coordinator and cook complimented Westbourne Park students on their beautiful manners and enthusiasm to try different activities which were outside their comfort zone.

I would like to thank our wonderful volunteer parents, Rachel Hodgson, Hamish Palmer and George Papathanasiou for giving up their time to help at camp. Your help, support and your contribution were much appreciated.

I have seen J1 and J3 students engage in new experiences and take on challenges, build up their resilience and work together as a team. It is a great opportunity to work with students outside the traditional classroom setting


Josie Brown

Feedback from students:

I loved fashion show because everyone had an amazing time and helped out and had a great time. Then we got to walk across a stage and have an extraordinary time. After that you get photos of yourself doing a funny pose while getting laughed at.


I love that they let us go around by ourselves and the food was delicious. But my favourite part was playing web of life. I also loved the fashion show I think my teammates had fun. The movies were really good but it was really cold on the ground. I did maps, we went through the whole entire camp and had to find hole punches inside metal poles. The shelter building was also very cool we got sprayed with a hose so we had to make a shelter that’s waterproof. Trent Hill came he was a First Nation man and told us about different things that were really important to the First Nation people.

By Evelyn 

The web of life was an intense, fun, strategic, challenging and hard game which I absolutely loved.

It was by far the best part even though it was a tough decision I had fun being chased and looking for food and water.                             

By Noah

One of my favourite things was fresh water life because it was fun to use the big nets to catch all sorts of things in precious pond. I caught a tiny little yabby and some other things. Someone in my activity group caught a huge yabby, another person in my group caught three tadpoles and a lot of people caught the top predator. When our time was up to catch the creatures, we took all the little creatures into this room called the microscope room. In the microscope room was around fourteen microscopes and one that was hooked up to the tv. There were also from my estimation six tubs full of creatures.


Arbury Park Camp - J1 & J3

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