Westbourne Park Primary School has two campuses.  The first campus is located on Marlborough Road and houses the main school and play spaces. The second campus is located on Avenue Rd (300m south of the main campus along Goodwood Road) which has our gymnasium, health classroom and large oval. Our Yr 2-6 students use the Avenue Road facilities 3 days a week.

Main Site - Marlborough Road


Our Carlisle building was built in 2010 and replaced a single ageing building.  Carlisle is a modern 2 storey educational facility with classrooms that open onto a common learning suite in the middle. Lower Carlisle houses some of our year 3 students and Upper Carlisle has our senior students, year 5 and 6. It also temporarily houses the library in 2022/2023 while a major redevelopment is undertaken.


Our Jacaranda building was installed in response to our increasing enrolments. Classes from year 4 and 5 enjoy these large classrooms.


Our Marlborough building was part of the original school in 1914 and received a major upgrade in the 1990s. Further upgrades were made between 2021 and 2023 creating modern open learning spaces. Marlborough houses our R-2 classes, performing arts, has shared art areas, a computing hub and SSO room for teaching intervention lessons and our Out of School Hours centre. 


Our Yarrabee building is a 2 classroom transportable that houses Italian and Health . It is also used for EALD, and student intervention/numeracy lessons.

Resource Centre

Our Resource centre is a hive of activity, where classes collaborate with our Librarian on Inquiry Units. It’s also a busy place at lunch times!  A large brand new contemporary resource centre/community hub with outdoor learning spaces is currently being built and is scheduled for completion in November 2023. Our library is currently occupying 2 classroom spaces downstairs in the Carlisle building.


Our Administration building houses our Leadership Team and Admin team. Visiting our office you will meet our wonderful admin team, all happy to help with your questions or to take your money! A new administration and student services facility was opened in April 2023 and it is such a warm and welcoming space to visit.

Yard A

Yard A is where our younger students play - R/1 mainly.  They enjoy the playground and play spaces around the Centenary Garden. Yard A is supported by student mentors from upper primary.

Yard B

Yard B is an area that has our Yr 2 – 6 playground and areas for games such as hand ball, basketball, netball and cricket. This space is currently being redeveloped and will be completed in 2024 with a modern and exciting play and outdoor learning area.

Yard C

In 2013, the School Council invested in a new play space for our older students.  A ‘dust bowl’ was transformed into a custom-made play area with artificial turf, a sprint track, basketball court and hand ball courts. In this space you will find our amazing nature play area which was developed in early 2022 around the outside of the artificial turf. A new fence was installed with inbuilt soccer goals in the centre space for ball play games. 

Gymnasium and Oval Site - Avenue Road

The Oval

Our large oval is used lunch time by our students.  It is also used for outdoor PE lessons as well as weekend sports. Students access this by walking there in supervised class groups. 


Our gymnasium (in partnership with Cabra Dominican College, Fiji School and Westbourne Park Uniting Church Netball Club) is used for our school PE program on Mon-Wed. It’s full size and state-of-the-art. 

Health Room

Our Health room is used on Mon-Wed.

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