At Westbourne Park Primary School we are fortunate to have an exceptional parent community that actively support the school to organise and run events and fundraise for the enhancement of our equipment and facilities. Our Fundraising Committee comprises parents, staff representatives and a member the leadership team. Each year the committee organises a range of events throughout the year aimed at fostering community connections and raising funds for our wonderful school.

Events Held in 2023

Mix and Mingle

A parents-only event serves as a platform for fostering connections among parents and welcoming new families.

Funds raised- $496

Friday Fun

On the last day of Term 1 we hosted a family event for students and parents to attend. There was mini golf, ‘dunk the teacher’, face painting, a fire truck, lots of delicious treats and much, much more.

Funds raised- $4345

Wine Drive

Funds raised- $2830


Exclusively for students, the disco was split into two sessions catering to different age groups (R-2 and 3-6). The students thoroughly enjoyed the event and danced the night away. We extend our gratitude to the dedicated volunteers who ensured the success of the night, as well as to those who generously donated baked goods for sale at the canteen.

Funds raised- $3787

Future Events in 2023

Quiz Night and Auction: WPPS is renowned for its themed quiz nights where participants come dressed up in accordance with the theme. In the lead-up to the evening we run an online auction, featuring items generously donated by the local community. The auction concludes on the date of the quiz night. In 2022 this event successfully raised over $11000.

Fun Run: Every 2 years we run a Fun Run, where students work to get donations to support their participation. In 2021 we held a Colour Run and the kids had an amazing time. The class that raised the most money received, a pizza party, fairy floss and got to dunk our Principal Jason in slime. We raised over $14000.

Allocation of Funds

Funding requests can be made in two ways: through the fundraising request form available on our website, accessible to staff, students, parents, and members of the school community for school-based purposes, or via a direct leadership request approved by the principal. All requests are reviewed during fundraising meetings to determine their suitability and subsequently presented for principal approval. Approved requests are then presented at the next Governing Council Meeting. The approximate distribution of funds is as follows: 50% for facilities and school upgrades, 30% for curriculum resources, and 20% for miscellaneous requests. The committee also ensures an equitable distribution of funds across the school to support the maximum number of students.

Examples of school expenses covered through fundraising:

Ongoing annual contributions to-

· Literacy Resources

· Year 7 Graduation

Individual purchases

· Mural on pedal prix shed

· Performing Arts resources - Stage blocks, Green screen material & Speaker/microphone

· Classroom furniture and seating including wobble stools, floor chairs, wicker chairs & cushions

· Sandpit toys

· Worm composting system

· Drinking fountains (Yard C)

· Garden irrigation

· 100 school umbrellas

· Yard A playground

· Outdoor chairs & tables

· Removal of 2 brick walls between classrooms opening up bigger learning spaces

Fundraising Request Form

Purpose and Process

This form should be used to submit requests for funding and forwarded to the Fundraising Committee Leadership team representative. The request will be presented for discussion at the next Fundraising Committee meeting, which are held in Week 2 and 7 of each term. The person/s submitting the request will be notified by the Leadership team representative if funding has been approved or not.

Approval Criteria
Staff, students, Governing Council and sub-committees are able to submit a request for funds. The Fundraising Committee will consider committed funds, funds available, balanced variety of request types, broad representation, contribution to improvement of school amenities, learning and teaching impact, community benefit, staff involvement in management of items and risk assessment as appropriate. This process will include consultation with staff as appropriate.

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