Since 2012 we have been working on iPads and in 2014 we introduced an invitational BYO program for iPads in Upper Carlisle (senior school). There has been an overwhelming uptake and our students are reaping the benefits of this program. As a school we have invested heavily in major upgrades to our network and infrastructure to ensure the success of this program.

Having an iPad as a 1:1 device, as it is intended to be used, has given our students the benefit of:

  • Improved organisation and planning – our students regularly use their iPad as a planning tool, replacing traditional diaries, setting alerts for items that are due
  • Accessing the class Edmodo pages where the teachers post
  • Instant access to the internet
  • ‘Anywhere’ and ‘anytime’ learning
  • Individualised options for creativity and work presentation
  • An easy record of ongoing learning.

We continue to use iPads in other areas of our school. We have 8 iPads per classroom (except for our Senior School which is in its fifth year of BYO).

We also have a set of 15 iPads in our Resource Centre which are used in Inquiry learning for all classes throughout the year.

This is on top of our computing hubs and laptops.

We have recently invited application from our senior students for a role of ‘IT coach”. These successful students are now establishing programs for others to use and providing support for both students and staff.

In 2015 our senior students made this video to induct new families into the BYO program in Upper Carlisle:

Our ergonomics guide comes courtesy of The University of Oxford.

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